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Page 5 - Design Solutions Catalog (Arch)
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RUSTIC                                                                                         NATURALS

        Inspired by nature, our Rustic prints provide

        the aesthetics of rust in its various natural
        shades of color and patterns.  Ideal for
        exterior applications such as roofing and                    Baltic Brown                 Burnt Rust
        siding, Design Solutions Rustic prints add                  SRI 29   ●   XGRABB01      SRI 36   ●   XGRABI01

        dimension and warmth while blending
        seamlessly with other building materials.

        Other creative applications include interior
                                                                                                  Sand Dune
        accent walls and wainscoting.                               Ponderosa Rust             SRI 47   ●   XGRASD01
                                                                    SRI 48   ●   XGRAPO01

                                                                      Sedona Rust              Tamarack Rust
                                                                    SRI 34   ●   XPEBSR01      SRI 47   ●   XGRATA01

                                                                     Representation of color may vary due to printing limitations.
                                                                         Actual metal samples are available upon request.

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