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TRUZGUARD                          ™    Antimicrobial Coated Metal                      ENHANCEMENTS

        Blending the versatility of metal with technology,
        TruzGuard coated metal features a high-performance
        clear antimicrobial coating formulated to protect
        metal surfaces from the growth of bacteria, mold,
        and mildew which can cause stains, odors, and             Aged Bronze Gloss             Copper Gloss
        degradation of the surface.

        TruzGuard coated metal is certified by the
        National Sanitation Foundation International
        as complying with NSF/ANSI 51 and ensures                    Pewter Gloss                Silver Gloss
        products manufactured with TruzGuard metal will                 IDZGPW01                    IDZGSV01
        be accepted by U.S. health departments.

        Ideal for architectural interior metal siding
        for the following projects: Hospitals, Clean
        Rooms, Laboratories, Food Services, Airports,                 White Gloss                Black Gloss
        Schools, and more.                                               IDZGWH01                   IDZGBK01
                                                                           Steelscape is the only coil
        TruzGuard antimicrobial coated metal protects your              supplier in the U.S. to offer an
        investment without compromising your design.                      NSF certified steel solution.

      5                                                360-673-8660
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