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GRAFFITI RESISTANT COATING SYSTEM                                                       ENHANCEMENTS

        Graffiti costs U.S. building owners an
        estimated $25 billion per year.

        Steelscape provides an affordable solution for
        combating graffiti on architectural metal siding.
                                                                                   DuraPrep  Prep 400
        Steelscape offers a factory applied graffiti-               BEFORE           APPLICATION          AFTER
        resistant coating system specifically formulated
        to work with PPG Industries’ DuraPrep  Prep            The graffiti removal system offers building
        400 graffiti remover.                                  owners an easy and fully tested maintenance

        This innovative coating system includes a primer,      method to safely remove graffiti... keeping
        a color coat, and a graffiti-resistant clear coat.     buildings looking their best.
        The clear coating works as a barrier of protection
        over the color coat layer and prevents most graffiti
        material from gripping or shadowing the surface.         • Low Gloss Graffiti-Resistant Coating (10 – 15)
        The DuraPrep Prep 400 is applied directly on the         • Medium Gloss Graffiti-Resistant Coating (25 – 35)
                                                                 • Medium Gloss Graffiti-Resistant Coating (50 – 70)
        graffiti and easily wipes it off of the pre-painted      • High Gloss Graffiti-Resistant Coating (80+)
        graffiti-resistant coated metal surface.


        Wherever your creative inspiration
        comes from, we can help you
        achieve your vision. It’s the

        collaborative approach with our
        customers which has driven the
        innovative spirit at Steelscape
        and the development of Design

        The natural versatility of metal
        creates “one-of-a-kind” design
        solutions. Whether you have a

        custom color or unique print, let
        us help you achieve your design.
                                                     Cedar Bark              Gold Mine           Weathered Zinc
                                                   SRI 33   ●   XGRACB01  SRI 38   ●   XGRAGM01  SRI 47   ●   XGRAWZ01

                                                             Representation of color may vary due to printing limitations.
                                                                 Actual metal samples are available upon request.

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