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VINTAGE                  ®                                                                      CLASSICS

        Vintage coated metal is an innovative prepainted

        metal product which offers a warm, classic aged
        appearance. Steelscape’s proprietary coating
        ‘pre-ages’ the TruZinc  metallic coated steel
        surface producing a beautiful and durable finish.

        Moreover, Vintage coated metal is also graffiti
        resistant.                                                                    Vintage
                                                                                    SRI 22   ●   14102
        Perfect for roofing and wall panel applications,

        Vintage coated metal has become a top choice
        for architects and designers. Ideal for interior
        applications as well.

                                                                     Representation of color may vary due to printing limitations.
                                                                         Actual metal samples are available upon request.

      3                                                360-673-8660
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