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Page 6 - Design Solutions Catalog (Mfg)
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COMPOSITE                                                                                       CLASSICS

        Our Composite product line provides

        design flexibility for both metal wall and roof
        applications.  Used as a siding application,
        Composite prints add texture and depth                         Bark Dust              Dark Terra Cotta
        offering beauty to any building envelope.                   SRI 30   ●   XPEBBD01      SRI 32   ●   XPEBDT01

        A solution to the traditional asphalt shingle,
        Composite prints used in a metal roof
        application will last three times longer, offer
                                                                      Harbor Blue
                                                                                                 Sitka Spruce
        energy savings, is more resistant to wind and               SRI 26   ●   XPEBHB01      SRI 25   ●   XPEBST40
        hail, and is environmentally friendly.

        Design Solutions Composite prints can
        create a distinct look that will transform your

        project.  With six prints to choose from, your               Twilight Black           Woodland Timber
        creative options are exciting.                              SRI 28   ●   XPEBTB01      SRI 30   ●   XPEBWT01

                                                                     Representation of color may vary due to printing limitations.
                                                                         Actual metal samples are available upon request.

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