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CAMO                                                                                           NATURALS

        What began as a project to create print

        solutions for military use took us in
        unexpected directions.  Our Design Solutions
        camouflage steel has been used in consumer
        applications such as hunting blinds, lodges,

        cabins, sheds, walk-in coolers, and both
        residential & architectural roofing and siding.               Arctic CAMO               Desert CAMO
                                                                    SRI 58   ●   XGRAAC02      SRI 37   ●   XGRADC02
        The color combinations were created to

        blend into a desert, forest, or snow setting.

        We look forward to seeing where your
        inspiration leads this product.

                                                                   Marshland CAMO              Woodland CAMO
                                                                    SRI 53   ●   XGRAMC02      SRI 30   ●   XGRAWC02

                                                                     Representation of color may vary due to printing limitations.
                                                                         Actual metal samples are available upon request.

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